Overcoming Video Game Addiction

Fixing an addiction is a difficult process. But given time, anyone can enjoy anything without being addicted. The same can be said for video games. These tips will surely help anyone with a video game addiction.

Avoid going cold turkey. Stopping games at once will leave you feeling empty. This will cause a relapse and you’ll spend more time playing video games. Rather, try to limit the time you play video games.

Moderation is key.Play only for a fixed amount of time per day. Set a timer, and stop playing once it goes off.

Reduce the consoles you own.If you have several consoles, you won’t have time to play them all. Try having only one system instead. That way you’ll only focus on it, and you won’t need to play with every console you have.

Avoid MMO’s.These are the worst games an addicted person can play. They waste a lot of time. It’s been reported that people kill or even die because of MMO’s.

Take frequent breaks.Do something different for a few minutes for each hour of play, like taking a walk. Sitting and staring at a screen for hours on end is not healthy.

Budget what you spend on games.By simply setting aside $60 per month on games, you limit your spending, and thus limit your addiction.

Play games that encourage you to move. With the advent of the Wii and the Kinect, more and more games are movement based. Which means you can play while doing exercise!

Play with your family.There are plenty of family friendly games out there! Just tell your kids to play in moderation, and if you must, control their game time too.

Get help.Your addiction may have underlying causes. Seeing a professional isn’t something you should be ashamed of.

Learn new things.Get a hobby. Do some gardening. Find something to keep yourself busy. You can even include your family and friends.

Evaluate your life. Can it be better? Maybe you missed an opportunity due to your addiction. Take how games negatively affected you and learn from them.